I don’t sleep, I dream, video still, 2:00min, 2011

The result of an ‘error’ during the export of material from a VHS tape, the horizontal stripes of this video organise a simultaneous confrontation of the viewer with two different yet interrelated situations. Building on Xenofontos fascination with contemporary ruins that is tied to a curiosity and a venturing into the traces of an unknown past, the footage from a break-in into an abandoned factory in her hometown has been partially overlaid with footage from a group performance which involved the usage of objects left behind by the previous owner of the artist run space she used to own. The title suggests that the past never ‘sleeps’ but becomes fragmented and dissolved pictures of present-day dreams. The in-betweenness of the spaces and situations recorded suggest an uneasy relationship to the cultural notions of ownership and authorship and debilitate the negative connotations of ‘breaking in’.

text by Evagoras Vanezis