Marina’s Attitude

Stereo blind yourself; perception is bred via the cacophonous ‘third dimension’ of power. Hierarchies and ideologies, narrated through historicization and culturalization, holler a penetrating depth of field; erecting magnificently fortified castles, an architecture of worship. Swept up, a language is acquired, bias is tuned, values are defined, normalcy is born: innocence is lost, conformity is found. Squint, mute, self induce naivety; become like child. Financial centres, religious institutions, government complexes, malls, luna parks, strip clubs, apartment blocks, mansions, refugee camps… flattened, merging into each other. A science fiction tale, a symphony of flashing colours, complex formulas, mutating shapes and uncanny melodies, where nuance and epic aesthetically occupy the same universal conditions; become like child. Reclaim beauty, an intimate relationship to the senses, sans object, sans subject. Reillusion a Leibnizian optimism, salvage Candide’s disillusioned ideals. Squint harder, wonder; become like child, holy.

Text by Peter Eramian

Karat Castle, stickers on plexiglass, fluorescent light, chain, 28x72x15cm, 2015

Drawing 2, paint, steel sections 5mm-10mm, laiser cut parts, 162x123x3cm, 2015

Attitude, glazed ceramic in three parts, height:178cm diameter:24cm, 2015

First scene, pencil drawings, 23x23cm, 2014

Solvency 2, car paint, steel frame, glass, vehicle lights, 75x63x24cm, 2015

I, you, he, she, it, We, You, Them, stickers on stainless steel sheet, 50x50cm, 2015

We Risk, stainless steel pole and motor mechanism, 499x20x20cm, 2015

We Risk(detail), stainless steel pole and motor mechanism, 499x20x20cm, 2015

Game Notes, embellished velvet and clock mechanism, 126x66cm, 2014

Installation view, Karat Castle, Neoterismoi Toumazou, 2015

Andrew Scott-Stokes for Christoforos Kyriakides, walnut and glass, height: 172cm diameter:28cm, 2014

Conversation(We were supposed to have), digital video, 2:01min, 2014

Take Away, embellished sweatshirt, edition of 125 (2,4,12,S/M/L/XL), 2015

Documentation: Stelios Kallinikou