Lindsay Lohan: The Myth of the Premium Dance Experience, HotWheels, 2017

Isabelle Cook, Jay Glass Dubs, Delia Gonzalez, Yorgia Karidi, Orestis Lazouras, Anastasia Pavlou, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Maria Toumazou, Dimitris Tsouanatos, Amalia Vekri, Marina Xenofontos

A year ago, Lindsay Lohan embarked on a joint venture in Athens; LOHAN, a new nightclub in the heart of the Athenian party scene in Gazi. Lindsay’s role in the club was puzzling—her newfound presence in the Greek nightlife market was tinged with mystery, and rumours started to circulate. Lohan’s interview only perpetuated the mystery further; she expressed how, in the light of the refugee crisis, xenophobia, and the country’s debt, LOHAN was her gift to Greece. Marketed as a nightclub for all, the appeal drew on the promise of a quasi-spiritual experience; a place for having fun, a way to ‘take bad situations and make it good’. Lohan heralded herself as the goddess of Athenian night life, elevating herself, and the clubbers, through a sanctified premium dance experience. Through the prism of Lindsay Lohan and her namesake club, the exhibition draws links between ancient mythology, celebrity and the symbolism of the club experience in the context of modern day Athens.

Marina Xenofontos constructed a functional and collaborative DJ booth. The DJ booth alludes to the club, but the music plays autonomously, without a DJ being present. If the DJ, often elevated to divine status, is in control of the clubbers, tapping into emotions and dictating movement, the lack of the DJ in the gallery space leaves us consciously unguided. Within this void, the music and lights become the organising mediums. The result can be both freeing and uncomfortable. The democratic combination of soundtracks, contributed by a range of artists, allows for a diversified preaching sermon but the lack of a guiding figure challenges our need for a leader. In losing ourselves in clubbing, we revert back to more primal and less self-conscious state, dictated by action rather than language or logic.

Press: Dazed Tzvetnik

Drag Monster, MDF, stained glass, light system, audio, 100 x 67.5 x 20 cm, 2017

listen to the sound here
Contributed tracks: Dimitris Papadatos - Rihanna - Diamonds (Jay Glass Dubs Hyperthymestic Version), Kim Shish - Foreign Love, Horse Follows Darkness - Casual Friday, Dylan Spencer-Davidson - AUTOMONOLOGORRHEA

We, Tempera on chalk ground gesso on wood, 40 x 30 x 2 cm, 2017