Sunlight Vandalism, digital video, 3:17min, 2018

Part of a bigger project of video portraits dealing with the themes of ideology, displacement, and the everyday, Sunlight Vandalism is the portrait of Ayshe, a Kurdish cleaner and seamstress that was granted asylum in Cyprus and has worked there for 12 years. Ayshe’s character and personality are revealed through subtle elements that are usually overlooked: gestures, the tone of her voice and the rhythm of a conversation she is having in vernacular with an unidentified friend. The conversation’s environment is abstracted and the only representation of place that the viewer is granted access to is of a home Ayshe bought in her homeland, emphasizing the thematic of a hoped-for return. The house is only presented through photographs on a mobile phone screen that the two are manipulating, revealing in the process a choreography of sharing.