We are not alone - We are a fly in the milk of infinity
30 x 21cm
132 pages
Full color offset printed
Perfect bound, Softcover
Edition of 150
published by Neoterismoi Toumazou 2016

Printed Matter, New York
Good Press,Glasgow
Aye-Aye Books, Glasgow
ICA, London
Mooflon, Cyprus
Point Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cyprus
MAM, Cyprus

Christophoros Kyriakides was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1949. He was an architecture draughtsman and considered himself an inventor. In 1988 he self-published “Six Continents Stars Compass”, ‘an entertaining and educational’ board game. He considered the game inventive, recreative and formative for all ages and intended its global distribution. The game received no recognition from the public and now only a few copies exist.

In the board game, Kyriakides draws a journey with impossible objects, invented maps, landscapes and anagrammatic poetry with mathematical diagrams. One comes across an abstracted reflection of 80s locality, world politics, obsession with the American dream, an isolated emotional darkness but also a universal landscape. A chance encounter of Marina Xenofontos with this game catalysed a strong fascination that led to the uncovering of his archive. This publication, a part of Xenofontos’ practice-based research, brings to the fore the rich universe of Kyriakides’ personal symbolism that shecreatively harnesses as a means of an alternative, atypical handling and systematisation of themes and issues that she finds affinities with.

Evagoras Vanezis

“Who are you to tell me not to draw?”

What does the Cyprus Democratic Party, the Space Shuttle Challenger and a traffic fine regarding a helmet have in common? Did president Ronald Reagan ever receive his present? Why are buildings shaped like numbers? Can the Osprey Aircraft take flight? Why is the subterranean house encapsulated in water? What exactly happened at the Hilton? A political thriller, a sci-fi adventure and a scandalous film noir… in the world of Christopher Kyriakides all lies lead to the truth! “RIC Radio = 6 C.S.C = Tent/Honda = Rock/India = Br/Stones = ‘Z’ Cars/Courd = Communists/Lawyers judgments = Theavers/Stolen = M.O/Money = By Courd/ Decition = Paralimni/Beach Lordos Hotel.”

Antreas Panagides